HWID Spoofer explanation & instructions.

  • Spoofing is temporary which means you will need to spoof each time you restart your computer.
  • Cleaning is permanent and only required on first use, then once between each ban.
  • Once you clean your seed will change and your HWID will change accordingly. If you've just reinstalled windows or purchased the spoofer for the first time it is therefore vital to clean once before spoofing.
  • Reported uses a state of the art seeding system which will make sure your HWID remain static and less suspicious to anticheats and/or third party investigations.
  • You can store the spoofer anywhere you'd like.
  • Spoofer should be closed before you attempt to start your game.
  • The "Clean" feature will only touch the most necessary parts needed to evade. The name "Clean" is a bit misrepresenting as it does a lot more than just "clean a couple of files". However, this feature is handcrafted to be as gentle as possible making sure your system isnt hit with any unecessary and potential damaging changes.


Insufficient testing is a problem we're continously facing. Therefore we've compiled a list to help you test our products the proper way, without interference of other third party softwares.

Testing procedure:

    1. Reboot windows.
    2. Start spoofer
    3. Click "Clean", and wait for it to finish. (yes, even if your windows is fresh)
    4. Click "Spoof"
    5. Wait for all identifiers to turn green
    6. Close the spoofer
    7. Do NOT under any circumstance start your cheat. We are testing the spoofer, and we do not want to pollute the end result.
    8. Start your game
    9. Play for a minimum of 120 minutes

If you receive a ban and the spoofer is listed as undetected please format your system and repeat the procedure. Your system may have a permanent detection (trace) caused by previously ran software (i.e: cheats and/or spoofers).


There's always a risk of bans in this business whether you like it or not, nothing is ever truly safe. We've compiled a checklist of the most common reasons below.

Common reasons:

  • Forgot to click "Clean" after last ban.  Cleaning is necessary because it doesnt just "clean files" as the name may make it sound. It also does a lot of usermode hwid spoofing
    in addition to changing your hwid seed. It is necessary to change the seed between bans because the hwid generation/randomization relies on the seed. If the seed doesnt change
    nor will the hwid. Your hwid remains static until then.
  • "I just reinstalled widows and doesnt need to clean". Same thing applies to this as the text above explains. If you dont clean, there will be multiple parts that will not be spoofed as they should.
  • Check all your hwids before and after spoofing with an hwid checker provded by support in case theres any missing ones.
  • Make sure you closed the hwid spoofer before you started your game.
  • Make sure you tested the hwid spoofer without an actual cheat present. If you're using a cheat you'll be polluting the end result.
    For us to be able to support you properly it is mandatory that your test-run has been running as "spoofer only".
  • Make sure your ban is a permanent ban and not a temp ban. Temporary bans (1, 3 and 7 days) involves the game Rust and is caused by cerberus which again is triggered by your playstyle.
    Sign in and out of steam to check the ban message to get an answer to this.
  • Make sure that you didnt forget to spoof before starting your game. Yes we know this is an obvious one, but believe it or not it does happen :)
  • Previously ran software (cheats and/or spoofers) has damaged your system or left a permanent trace that we're unable to clean and/or find.
    In these situations you may think that "hmm i was fine yesterday and i havent ran any cheats since then", but no this is wrong.
    A software or driver trace may be detected at any time and anticheats updates silently all the time, several times a week and even several times a day.
    Cleaning these traces is impossible for us to do as we cannot account for what other softwares has done to your computer in the past.
    In these situations your OS is permanently detected and the only way to fix this is to format your computer through USB.
    We recommend using an USB as it is the only way to completely wipe it all, especially bootloader/efi traces.

If you're still having trouble, talk to our hwid spoofer support and we'll try to aid you through it the best we can.


Bluescreen issues usually happens due to some sort of software conflict between the hwid spoofer and your system.

Common reasons:

  • Unsupported windows version.
  • Any antivirus needs to be uninstalled (its not enough to disable them as they still interfere, except for defender of course)
  • Always disable defender or you will bsod. (UI should inform you about that)
  • Any other disk related tools should be uninstalled, just in case.
  • Any other anti adaware/anti malware tools like hitman pro etc needs to go
  • Can be caused by defender disabler (specifically the one you can find on github:
  • MSI lightning software has been reported causing issues
  • Any weird/uncommon external disks or other usb devices that may corrupt the spoofing process needs to be unplugged

If nothing works and you have no other bright ideas the best solution is usually to format your entire system and start by spoofing without having
anything installed, then install your old softwares piece by piece while spoofing to figure out where the conflict is.


Cerberus is a server-sided anticheat that calculates the probability of your actions/shots. Below we've listed some facts that we've borrowed from

1 - Prerequisite Knowledge


Tracers are known as data that is left on your PC to identify you. These tracers are usually stored on your disk, registry, etc. Rust does not have tracers! You do not have to "clean" your PC after being banned. Do not fall for this. If you get banned, just sign out of Steam, reboot your computer, spoof (if you need to), login and play again. Be aware that Rust does track your IP address, more information about this the more you read.


Rust has 2 anti-cheats. One is "Easy Anti-Cheat" (EAC), and another is "Cerberus" (Cerb). The main goal of Easy Anti-Cheat is to block, flag, or detect your cheat tampering with the game. Rust has one of the highest packages of EAC, meaning it is one of the hardest games to find 100% undetected cheats for.

Easy Anti-Cheat

This is the client side anti-cheat. You will see it running on your computer. While this is hard to bypass, a lot of people have managed it. However, maintaining a large userbase using a bypass is some accomplishment. Not many people can maintain a large userbase, this is why some cheats are private or slotted.


The main purpose for this anti-cheat is to identify you cheating based on your playstyle. This runs server side (meaning it does not run on your computer, rather the server).
What is allegedly tracked?

  • How many times a bone has been hit
  • How many servers you have been on
  • How many kills you have (real players) (confirmed)
  • How many deaths you have (real players)
  • If you are raising flags to EAC (hydra) (confirmed)
  • Your IP address (tracking past accounts and bans) (confirmed)
  • Your hardware (tracking past accounts and bans) (confirmed)
  • How many hours you have on your hardware
  • How many hours you have on your account
  • How many reports you have recieved from players (and the timespan you got them) [F7] (confirmed)
  • How many times your bullet reflects
  • When you take damage (confirmed)
  • When you are downed (confirmed)
  • When you spawn (confirmed)
  • When you use a weapon (confirmed)
  • When you disconnect from a server (confirmed)
  • When you connect to a server (confirmed)
  • Your connection latency to the server (confirmed)
  • How much damage you dealt (confirmed)
  • Which entity you hit (player, NPC, etc) (confirmed)
  • Your body rotation (confirmed)
  • Your aim angle (confirmed)

aPlayerSpawn 'player_spawn'
aPlayer 'player'
aTeamId 'team_id'
aCharacterId 'character_id'
aPlayerDespawn 'player_despawn'
aPlayerDeath 'player_death'
aPlayerKiller 'player_killer'
aPlayerRevive 'player_revive'
aPlayerRevived 'player_revived'
aPlayerReviving 'player_reviving'
aPlayerTick 'player_tick'
aPlayerPosition 'player_position'
aPlayerViewrota 'player_viewrotation'
aPlayerHealth 'player_health'
aPlayerTickflag 'player_tickflags'
aPlayerUseweapo 'player_useweapon'
aPlayerFov 'player_fov'
aWeaponId 'weapon_id'
aMeleeAttack 'melee_attack'
aPlayerTakedama 'player_takedamage'
aPlayerVictim 'player_victim'
aPlayerVictimPo 'player_victim_position'
aPlayerVictimVi 'player_victim_viewrotation'
aPlayerAttacker 'player_attacker'
aPlayerAttacker_0 'player_attacker_position'
aPlayerAttacker_1 'player_attacker_viewrotation'
aPlayerAttacker_2 'player_attacker_fov'
aHitboneId 'hitbone_id'
aDamageTaken 'damage_taken'
aDamageFlags 'damage_flags'
aPlayerDowned 'player_downed'
aVictim 'victim'
aVictimShotsFir 'victim_shots_fired'
aVictimShotsLan 'victim_shots_landed'
aAttacker 'attacker '
aAttackerShotsF 'attacker_shots_fired'
aAttackerShotsL 'attacker_shots_landed'
aPlayerUseAbili 'player_use_ability'
aAbilityId 'ability_id'
aAbilityDuratio 'ability_duration_ms'
aAbilityCooldow 'ability_cooldown_ms'
aAbilityEffectF 'ability_effect_flags'


Hydra is the processing engine of EAC (detections, hwid, bunch of process information, systeminfo ...). When you for example use a detected cheat, hydra notices that but might not ban you due to it requiring more data or waiting for more users to make a banwave. However, hydra knows you are cheating and reports that to Cerberus, Cerberus does have a threshold of reports that gets affected by only the hydra data (confirmed). This threshold is affected insanely detected cheat 2-3 reports then temp ban and so on.

Facepunch servers

Servers owned by Facepunch (the company behind the game) will perm ban you if they catch you cheating. So if you play on these servers, and get perm banned, do not panic.

An admin ban will generally happen if you are exploiting, or if you have caused enough mayhem for them to come to the server and observe you (referring to Facepunch in this case specifically). These bans are hard to distinguish between a Cerb, or an EAC ban as they can have the same ban messages. If all of your building entities get deleted (also known as a "dev wipe"), you more than likely were manual banned by an Facepunch admin. Monitor the Rust Discord and if you see reports of your account, that's bad. You should change your playstyle to not get reports sent to the Rust Discord. Players WILL record you and upload videos of you.

The above is true on other official servers as well as modded. Except manual bans more often on modded servers due to more active admins who will monitor you quickly compared to Facepunch admins.

Bans applied by non Facepunch servers will not apply to your account. This is only for the specific server(s) the admin has manually banned you from.

Server detection

If you try to enable noclip without a cheat that has protection, it will result in a ban message "Cheat Detected", and you will be perm banned from that server at minimum.

Some servers will send admin commands (noclip, debugcam, etc) and ban you if any activate. Some cheats have protection against this while others do not.

A lot of servers have a plugin that generates fake stashes, so be aware of that. They normally spawn completely randomly in the middle of nowhere in each grid. Some plugins spawn a bag next to them, some don't. It's best to avoid stashes all together on non Facepunch owned servers.

Server appealing

Almost all servers have a bot that checks if you are in cheating Discord servers. All these bots do is have alt accounts that join known cheater Discord servers, and check if you have a mutual server with one of the alts. What is funny is they seem to think that this is not a known thing, and they have some magic method to detect that you're a cheater. I suggest you just make an alt for yourself to appeal, and fight fire with fire.

How to tell if you was banned by Cerb or EAC

First Cerb ban will be a 3 day ban, and then (if shortly after the first ban) a perm. EAC will instantly perm you, and a lot of people on the same software (meaning cheat detected).

In general, Cerb bans follow this pattern:

  • First ban will be a 3 day ban
  • Second ban ban will be a 7 day ban or a perm ban
  • Third ban will be a 7 day ban or a perm ban
If you get a temporary ban, you will be investigated before the ban is lifted. If you are using a detected cheat/spoofer or if your cheat/spoofer gets detected during this process it will result in an account ban.


Rust will hardware ban you. This means if you get hardware banned (random from 1st ban up to allegedly 10th ban), you will not be able to play the game on your computer anymore, even if you aren't cheating. Spoofers will "spoof" your hardware serials, and trick anti-cheats into thinking you're a different computer all together. This means, if you are spoofed and get hardware banned, you can just respoof to a different computer and play again; or even play legit on your main computer without spoofing in future.

Spoofers can cost upwards of 20 - 60 euros a month, and does create another detection vector. However, personally I would prefer paying the money so I have the option to play legit in future (or continue hacking).


Having a VPN is close to necessary when cheating in online video games. However in Rust, it is crucial. Rust community admins have a tool called "BattleMetrics" which tracks your IP address across multiple accounts. This tool also tracks how long you have been on which server. Admins are easily able to find your old banned accounts, and ban you for that alone. If you link your main IP to cheating, and it is static (won't change overtime), you might get IP banned from a large majority of the popular servers.

However, most Rust servers block VPNs as they're used by the majority of the cheating community. Because of this, there is no known VPN that works for servers. People are not keen on sharing their VPN provider in fear of servers flagging them in future. This is something you will have to discover for yourself. We at Reported will howeve recommen that you use MysteriumVPN, they run a decentralized server which high secrurity. People set up their machines as nodes for this vpn server so you'll be able to choose between thousands of residental ip addresses.

How to get alt accounts

Rust can be one of the most expensive games to cheat on! If you think you can pay less than 150 a month on cheats and accounts combined, you might find yourself a shock. It is very difficult to last in Rust, especially with public cheats.

If you want a full access (you own it fully) try: G2G, Eldorado or Steamby. If you would like to rage hack, I suggest buying a hacked account from LolzTeam.

100% undetected?

If you are confused about this, let me explain. The vast majority of cheats will raise flags with the anti-cheat, meaning the likelihood of you getting stat banned (headshots, accuracy, etc) is increased. A lot of the time, EAC will not just ban you for cheating, even if you are raising a lot of flags. It's best for them if they don't make it easy to make 100% undetected cheats.

2 - Playstyle

If you would like to last as long as possible (providing your cheat remains undetected, and that is out of your hands), then follow these golden rules.

  1. Break up your killing into farming (kill, farm, kill, farm)
  2. Avoid using aimbot (or around sub 20% hitchance with pSilent, some servers flag pSilent)
  3. Avoid using any visible features in front of other players (or if you suspect an admin is spectating you) (noclip, silent farm/melee, etc)
  4. Do not have perfect aim with little hours under your belt! You will get reported regardless
  5. DO NOT GET GREEDY! You will still dominate if you take a few Ls. Do not get mad, then wipe a Chinese zerg for killing you once [Cerb]